Review: Anna and the French Kiss πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

Anna and the French Kiss πŸ’‹ by Stephanie Perkins

Rated: ❀❀❀❀❀

This book blew my mind! I can honestly see why there was so much rave about this book because I was not disappointed!

Anna and the French Kiss is a YA novel about Anna Oliphant, who was sent to School of America in Paris by her uncultured and but rich father in her senior year of high school.

A freaked out Anna was not happy with her fathers decision but tried to make the best of her situation. She met new friends: Meredith, Rashmi, Josh and Etienne. They took her in, showed her the area and they all faced the adventures of what its like to school away from their home.

Etienne and Anna formed the closest relationship and relied on each other to deal with their family issues, friends drama and relationship woes.

Perkins used this book to shed light on self awareness, forgiveness and ability to push past fears and realize that we are never alone.
Friends fight and we never get to choose our families but its how we make the most out of every situation that matters the most.

This book is also a love story. A love story between Etienne and Anna. Their miss connections through out the school year, the complications of one been in a relationship and one trying not to be left out and all the crazy teeneage actions that finally helped them find their way to each other.

My only gripe about this book is that it sent a mixed message. I don’t want to really give away to much spoilers but it alluded that emotional cheating was okay while also showing that it is hard to run away from feelings. Of course it showed how realistic thisΒ  moments can happen in someone’s life but it doesn’t mean its right.

I enjoyed the book in overall aspect and cannot wait to read Lola and the Boy next door!

I’ll advice everyone to read this book, there isΒ  a lightness that pulls at your heart that you cannot help but wish they would both realize whats right in front of them.

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