Book Review: Through To You

Through To You by Lauren Barnholdt

Rated: ❤❤❤❤
This is the first review I’m writing in over a few weeks and its way after the time I finished the book. Its shorter than my usual but I think gets the point across. **Minor Spoiler Below**

It all started with Penn noticing Harper’s sparkle in her hair and writing her a note: a braided tinsel to show her school spirit. Two unlikely teens, getting to know each other and falling fast with different mindset on what they’re doing. Harper wants to know everything and be everything for Penn but Penn is used to keeping it all close and shutting people out. He has not had the easiest and pain free life that most people lived through. With Harper pushing and Penn pulling, it’s only a matter of time before they realize, can they actually make it work or are they prolonging the inevitable split waiting to happen?

I like the quick pace and banter between both protagonists. It also helps that the story is told from both Harper’s and Penn’s perspective because you will to see how they’re affected by the events surrounding them. The reader gets to see why it’s difficult for Penn to open up about himself, his family and dreams.

As someone who have been through some tough life, I can relate to his struggle. Some people are readily open to discuss what’s going on in their life, which was the case with Harper but people like Penn have to understand that it’s okay to let the ones who love and care for you know the bad things in your life.

I love Harper’s character. She was very compassionate, young and goal oriented. Even through her woes with Penn, she never forgot her end goal and what she wanted next in life. Penn was a easy character to fall in love with. He mostly masked his turmoil in humor or act in a jerk-y way but at then end of the day, he realizes that he can’t always go on like that.

One issue I had with this book was that…


After Penn got what he always wanted, a chance of his dream coming true, then he was absolutely ready to do right by Harper. It sends the message that if that didn’t happen, he was only going to go to Harper but not be ready to let her in. Once he has the chance, he was so ready to let her know everything she has wanted.

Great book that I think many will enjoy and a very fast read.

Grab a copy if you haven’t read it yet!

Happy Reading

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