Book Review: The Last Time We Were Us

The Last Time We Were Us by Leah Konen

Rated: ❤❤❤

Liz and her bff MacKenzie are about to have the best summer before their senior year in highschool. They are invited to hang out with the “IN” crowd of their small and narrow minded popular crowd, speared headed by Innis Taylor. Innis Taylor, son of the rich and famous Taylor family in their small town.As Liz and Innis are getting closer, Liz childhood bff, Jason, is released early from Juvie. The young boy who went off the rail and burned Innis older brother’s face many summers ago.

With Jason out of jail, Liz becomes more curious about the night her ex- bff committed the crime that affected many people lives, including her sister. They began to talk and hang out in secret as many facet of truth of that unfortunate night comes to light. Would they get to the truth in time or will more people get hurt in the process of unearthing the truth?

I liked this book because of the mystery to find out what really happened. It was interesting to see the way Konen wrote about how people’s perspective change due to circumstances. Liz was the young teenage girl that is still figuring out who she was, seperating herself from the identity her family was forming for her. Jason was very easy to like with his positive and “grown” outlook after spending time in Juvie reflecting his choices. I truly enjoyed the banter between Liz and MacKenzie because the fought and had different opinion but still made their friendship work.

I didn’t think that what truly happened that night truly makes up for the events that followed. The book needed to explain more on why Jason and Liz drifted apart initially. The way that the sisters relationship occured before Jason was released, while he was still the society’s pariah and after everyone was suddenly okay with him was rushed and needed to be more developed.

The author does a great job of capturing young love, friendship as well as loyalty to someone you believe in.

Happy Reading,

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