African Men Don’t Honor Their Family

It is very difficult to surprise me but once in a while, when it happens I hold onto that moment. I hold on to see what clues I missed and how to be better prepared next time. Currently reading Ghana Must Go and while the story is unravelling in a unique timeline, I can’t let a scene go. A scene I wasn’t expecting to happen the way it, and I’m sure the characters weren’t expecting it as well.
A character said he believed that the reason Africa is so “backwards” even with bright men and women is because of the lack of respect for family.

“Fathers dont honor their children or wives”.

When I read this, I was pissed. How could you say such a thing, we care for our family & bad leadership is the main reason the continent seem “backwards” to the rest of the world

But then I truly thought about it. Caring doesnt equate respect. While it doesn’t apply to every or only African men, it’s still the truth. I have seen men of various ethnic backgrounds who can fit the picture of “not respecting their family” but this one felt personal because you’re talking about African men and how their action hinders the progression of the continent.

Why do men work really hard to be successful but take on many wives or keep mistresses and children outside of their marriage? Is it a complex or true lack of respect for women? Do they not think of the effect it has on the children and do you think it has an impact on why Africa is “backwards”?

2 thoughts on “African Men Don’t Honor Their Family

  1. Hello Booky! I remember picking up Ghana Must Go years ago, but for some reason I couldn’t finish it. I must try again!

    Anyway onto respect…I think men in general don’t respect women. It’s why we’re still being paid less, or why we’re still objectified and held to such rigid beauty standards. I also believe that all men have the ability to keep mistresses. I’m not sure it’s an African thing, but if it is an African problem the only explanation I can find is the fact we are not so far out of a period when polygamy was legal – in fact some parts, it still is!

    Anyway thank you for sharing such an interesting topic. Have a good day!



    1. I almost dropped the book as well because the beginning and the style of prose was not easy to digest. Yes, I do believe that all men are capable of keeping a mistress. I just want people to have open discussions about why we still do such things and not respect the women in their life


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