Anna and the French Kiss

Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

Ahhhhaaahhha – can you tell /read that I’m psyched to be finally reading this book and first in the series?

I’ve heard so much on St Claire and Anna and how great Perkins writting and description of everything in the book was I was some what ambivalent to pick it up!

Yes, ambivalent.

Books that are very popular either make it to my best list or my worst list and I just didn’t want to be disappointed!

But I’ve started reading and enjoying it so far because the chemistry between Anna and her new friends are very natural for someone who was uprooted to a new place. Also, I’m loving Perkins view of the scenery as well!

I’d love to visit Paris sometime in my lifetime, so this is good practice!

Full book review will be posted as soon as I’m done and I won’t wait so long to get my hand on Lola and the Boy Next Door and Isla and the Happily ever After!

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Review: On the Fence

On the Fence by Kasie West

Rated : ❤❤❤❤

Been on a fence usually signals ambivalence and looking at both sides carefully before coming to a decision of where you want to land on.

Trina is a sixteen year old athlete, the last born and the only girl among her three older brothers who are sport maniacs. She has a surrogate fourth brother, Braden, who lives next door to her family and all four protect her no mattet what.

Trina has camp in four weeks and before that time, she gets in trouble and her father bails her out with the ultimatum that she gets a job! With very limited skills, she found a job at a small boutique where she meets “girly” girls and form friendship with them and the owner of the shop helps Trina by just been there for her.

Trina tried to keep her work life and family life seperate for reasons she believes her valid and Braden was the middle ground where she could be herself. With Braden, they would meet by the fence and talk and try to figure out who Trina was and the next step in both of their lives.

I liked Braden calmed attitude and her brother, Gage was my fav of the brothers with his mischievous ways.

The novel as a whole was laid back as well as active because as you read it, you’ll feel the chilled way you feel while watching a sport game as well as the anticipation of what is going to happen next. The author balanced both pace in the delivery of the book.

There is some intense isssues like self awareness, taking help even though we can push through anything by ourself and mental illness discussed in the novel. The laid back feel of the novel didn’t take away from the seriousness of those issues, it helped make them very important.

Trina and Braden were great characters and I know you should pick up a copy and watch you devoir the whole book in one sitting!

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Review: Playing the Player

Playing the Player by Lisa Brown Roberts

Rated: ❤❤❤❤❤

“For the party boys and good girls everywhere. May you dare to look below the surface…”

The title of the book gives away what the book is all about honestly. The player is about to get played and even better, it was by a novice! Trina Clemons is the organized, overly cautious seventeen year old girl going on seventy who was persuaded by Slade Edmunds mom and friends to mentor him into been a more responsible guy by been her partner nanny for the summer. Slade was the exact opposite of her as he made plans as he went, joked around and wanted to be as free as possible.

Trina had some run in with Slade in school and they were never nice moments. He had created a nickname for her, laughed at her and she promised herself she would be immune to his great topaz gaze and charms.

Of course after finding out Slade had to take a job with Trina, he wasn’t thrilled. Promises was made and both of them got off to a rocky start and the ride was humorous to read about.

It was with languid writing, with enough teenage angst to not get bored and small flicker of the reminder that you truly do not know people until you spend hours and hours with them. Have a conversation, pick their brain and not judge a person based on the cover they show the world.

Both Trina and Slade learned a lot out of the nanny job and they had great friends around them who was encouraging.

I truly enjoyed reading this YA book that I didn’t go to sleep until 5:30 am because I just had to finish it and find out how it all ends. It wasn’t as predictable as I expected which was a huge deal to help the story along.

Pick up a copy and find out if the player got played cause you’re in for a surprise!

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Review: The Color Purple Musical

The Color Purple : Musical at Jacobs Theatre NYC.

Rated: ❤❤❤❤❤

I had the opportunity to accompany my internship program to experience The Color Purple on Broadway on June 9, 2016. It was a last minute decision and I’m glad I went!

The popular movie and musicals  of The Color Purple are an adaptation of the 1982 epistolary novel by Alice Walker. The novel has since won a Pulitzer Prize for Fiction since it was published. I had the opportunity to read the book in my Lesbian Novelist class this spring semester and I was quite shocked to find that I enjoyed myself. I have always shied away from it because I was never able to finish the movie adaptation and it just scared me silly!

Through the book, I found out about a woman who just appreciated been alive and her name was Celie. Celie was raped by the man she thought was her father and had two children he gave away without her knowledge. The book is written in letter from Celie to God, Celie to Nettie and Nettie to Celie. Nettie was younger than Celie and went to Africa to do missionary work where she met African who were proud of themselves. Shug Avery was her husband lover and eventually became someone who was very important to Celie and Sofia, her step-daughter inlaw who was brazen, strong and took no bull from nobody.

Women with different attitudes who were flawed in their own way but but stronger and more real than ever. I pitied some of the men in their life with their strong patriarchy views because Albert was an exact reflection of his father that believed to keep a household in order, a strong arm (beating) must be used and tried to pass it on to his son, Harpo.  Harpo found out it doesn’t work that way when Sophia beat him up for trying to beat her into submission. 

The book and the Musical had many elements that mirrored each other well, giving an authentic feeling for some one who have read through all of Celie’s letters to God and then eventually to Nettie. We watched the real struggle of how Celie was angry with God, her finding herself through the help of the women and even men around her. We saw the correlation  in the book and musical of the attraction that was subtle, delicate and potent between Shug Avery and Celie that blossomed into love that helped heal the wounds between Celie and Albert.


The way of speaking was also emulated in the musical that it was very enthusiastic to find Shug utter to Celie that “You sure is Ugly!”. The cast had a flow very natural with each other that it was very magical to experience such acting. The musical numbers were amazing! I do not have the list or the name of the songs but I found specifics scenes very amazing that there were several standing ovations on the day that I went and I could bet my future purchase of a certain Celine bag I’ve had my eyes on that June 9 was not an exception but the norm with several standing ovations during the show.

Some of the language and dance scene are rated R but they were not disgusting because it was given with such humph that you couldn’t help but laugh.

It was overall an amazing show to watch if you can, but definitely pick up the book and read if you haven’t!

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McNally Jackson Books

Bookstore Visit at McNally Jackson

Stopped by McNally Jackson Books tonight after having dinner in SoHo NNYC.

They’re an independent bookstore with a café inside and self-publishing services offered!

New arrivals was on display, people strolling through, and overall a chill atmosphere.

I’m on a journey to travel through NYC and find many bookstores and just feel them out.

Leave a comment of some of your fav bookstores ❤.

Playing the Player

Currently Reading:

Playing the Player by Lisa Brown Roberts

I’m currently reading this book via ebook!

Can’t wait to meet the characters and find out if the player got played!

Review will be posted once I’m done with it.

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Review: Fun Home

Book Review

Fun Home – A Family Tragicomic by Alison Bechdel.

Rated: ❤❤❤❤❤

Alison Bechdel writes  a graphic memoir of her peculiar relationship with her father. The novel shows great detail in the graphics displayed with very sharp and quirky writing to keep you glued to the book until the last page.

She discusses her journey to identifying as a lesbian, family’s reaction to that as well as her father’s choices and how it affected her family’s life.

Bechdel does really well in using great literary allusions to show you what she means, so I think my fellow book readers would enjoy the many nods to outstanding classics she mentions.

Go ahead and find a  copy for yourself and let me know what you think ! Tag #bookysblogreviews ❤❤

Review: The Fill-In Boyfriend


The Fill-in Boyfriend by Kasie West. 

Rated : ❤❤❤❤

Gia Montgomery is a high school senior and she met Hayden in the parking lot of the venue of her prom after getting dumped by her college boyfriend. Gia successfully persuades him to fill in as her boyfriend so that she doesn’t get ridiculed by her friends, especially a frenemy that is out to turn Gia against her other friends. Her lies continues with her friends when she found herself getting closer to Hayden and coming into her own person.

This book is written in first person and the author does a great job in giving Gia her own voice. It was a quick read as it was paced well with enough challenges for the characters to go through and overcome. I think you’ll like Gia even though her worries for getting a fill in boyfriend wasn’t so great and in her mind she seemed to get that but it also shows us that each person have a fear of their own even though it may be irrational, its very real to that person.

I like Gia and Hayden but my absolute fav character was Bec, Hayden sister. She was quirky, bold and fearless. She also had the typical annoying sister trait that everyone has with their siblings!

Pick up your copy to read and hopefully you’ll enjoy it as well.